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2nd Lady

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Tattoos now there's a thing ????? We been there lol been so busy last few years sounds daft to day add time to notice a daft once thing lol lol lol what we got any one got one ??? Or my be a bad habit I do pick my noiseand eat it no joke firstdate so not all there I picked and eat xx he just said save some for me lol well start as you keen to go on lol lol I've eat a robster crow xxx yum yum xxx

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if u could tatto kuat aome thong that u could tattoo on you for 24hour what it it be right its a scobbie trip to black crap bool we all got 20ppunds for a fun tattoo Whats it gonna be lol lol for the ladu s a roses onthe breats pr a love or hate or my be a tear drop xx

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