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A Return


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Hey all,

i was a member for all of 2 minutes a couple years ago, i had a hawk eye Impreza non-turbo but modded pretty well - just a reminder of what it was:


Had a little knock in it and had to down grade due to insurance becoming an issue so it is no longer with me and greatly miss her. Hopefully i will be behind the stars again but for now i run a 58 reg 1.6t corsa, however that scene is mad young and "chavvy" and a wash with vxr's so im trying to stay clear of those clubs and after looing back i remember my short time in the scooby was alot of fun thanks to you guys. Steve Hollyoak is a top bloke and marv is such a legend, along with lyndon if hes still hanging around :D

Even tho im no longer in a scooby im hoping it be cool if i hang with you guys again as it was a laugh and with the nice weather coming up i wouldnt mind popping up to the monthly meet and see how you guys have been and how your cars have progressed. Also wouldnt mind crashing a sprint day and zipping my 1.6t around :D

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Welcome back along mate . Fingers crossed you will get back behind the wheel soon . As for the meets get yourself along . And ref a sprint where looking at doing Blyton soon . Curbs is coming up again in a few month . So have a butchers in meets and track days etc and get your name down . And yes all the above members are still on here . Well Marv and steve do own the club along with Andy . So there always on here mate

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Hiya mate...welcome back....it dosn`t matter to us what you drive...WE ALL LOVE CARS.....obviously Jap is first ...lol

Why don`t you come along on Sunday to our monthly meet......full of friendly people and full of Scoobs you can DROOL over.

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yes steve more swadlincote than burton but im down for a convoy any time :)

To me no car has felt the same as a scooby did but I will have to get the house sorted befor I can even think about owning another... girlfriend would kill me lol besides next time will be a dirty big turbo maybe a special edition of sorts who knows :D

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