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Watcha. New member with a Legacy RS


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Hello all. I'm Myke and I live in the North of Nottinghamshire, just outside of Mansfield. '96 Legacy RS owner and avid Subaru fan since I was little. I've owned 4 Legacy's up to this point - two of which have been twin-turbos. Strangely enough, i've actually gone back in model and age, yet forward in power and grin-factor! Can't beat the older Subaru's for rawness, however I am equally excited about the newer models.

I'm really looking forward to meeting you lot sometime in the very near future and at present that is more than likely going to be the Easter run to Derby Hospital - i'm currently trying to raise some goodies to take.

I'm sure I'll speak to you all in due course, however in the mean time, here's some pictures of my Subarus over the years.





All that's left is to sign myself up as a paid member...........................

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Thanks guys :welcome:

And yes Ash, i'm always about in Sutton so I'll keep my eyes peeled for you and we'll have a chat sometime. I'm definitely doing the Easter-Egg run on the 5th

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Thanks for all the welcomes chaps :welcome:

Did I imagine it, or did someone say there's a mini-convoy from the Mansfield area going to Notts tomorrow for the Easter Egg/Teddy run to Derby? If so, i'll join that.

Need to get the Leggy cleaned first as she's in a bit of a filthy state but wanted to plan ahead.

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Just signed up on here and noticed your car looked familiar and there can't be many in this area, I think you were parked outside my house on Sunday, (or at least your car was!), opposite my twin scroll.... Sherwood area? Looked very tidy! :)

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