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World at war documentary

gwr northants

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Bought this the other week 12 disc set from the early 70s over 40 hours of film footage story's etc from all concerned . A cracking watch and just shows how close we were to defeat in ww2 watching it at work as Paula finds it boring , some of the footage is not for the Squimish .

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It's really good fella , it shows how the German youth were brain washed , and how the British in generall , knuckles down and kicked ass lol !! It goes through all different forms of combat from Asia to Africa , and has many a persons comment from German russian etc who we're there on the front line , with some brilliant footage and clips

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I've got this set Gaz - as you say, a great watch, puts it all into a better perspective. That said, I've been reading about some of the atrocities at the end of the war which are just coming to light and that's quite disturbing!!

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Yes Marv some if the things the Russians got up too is really bad , thousands of German woman brutally raped at the end of the war by troops from all country's , and soo much looting going on ,

Some of the things the Nazis did was unbelievably awful but what the Russians did to the German women and young girls was equally vile if not worse in many cases, not just rape but mutilation as well - what sort of person does that?

I've been reading about how the Americans treated German POWs who surrendered at the end, documents being released only recently point to some heinous crimes committed against them from summary executions to just starving thousands to death in POW camps set up in open fields - I know some people would argue that's the price you pay for going to war but to do that just sours the victory and makes the victor as bad as the defeated, somebody needs to hold the moral high ground and represent what is right.

Certainly makes you wonder about humanity!!

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