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The mongrel


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Hi all.

So not long had my 2003 blob eye, which is my second impreza. Had a classic wrx type RA before but sadly it got written off and broken as insurace company screwed me.

More about the current car. which I swapped my sensible audi avant B7 tdi for. Its a 03 impreza wrx with a rebuilt sti engine, so bit of a mongrel.


ACL bearings

up rated fuel pump - need to check make

550cc injectors

vf35 turbo

fmic intercooler

3 port solenoid

exhaust and induction

mapped 340bhp and 320 torque as still running 5 speed.

Carbon bits and sti suspension and wheels which were refurbed.

Got the heated leather seats which at 6am have been great.

Sadly my last impreza ownership was very short lived ( only 3 months) I welcome any advice. I am looking for somewhere close to dudley to get it properly looked over if anyone has recommendations.


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So I'm booked into Scooby Clinic tomorrow for a health check on the car. Looking forward to meeting the guys there and getting some expert guidance on the car.


Clinic will see ya right.

O don't forget to ask about the pork pies, although dunno if there are mid week trips made hahahaha

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So had a great time at Scooby Clinic. Learnt a lot about the car and got a few small issues resolved. Got a small shopping list of parts and upgrades too!

Clean bill of health mate ?

That I have always found is the issues at the clinic I see to many shiny bits that I want for the car lol

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