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Kurt on the road

gwr northants

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Well my eldest takes to the road this weekend coming , as he's 16 on Thursday , have bought him a aerox 50 err ightly de restricted at 65 cough cough mph also got him a drive of a r8 and lambo galardo , yes I know there a waste of money but kids are kids hey !!

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Make sure he does his CBT with a good instructor as from own experience you are very vulnerable on two wheels , you can be the safest rider/driver its the other idiots you have to watch out for.

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Too true Ivan !! He does his cbt this sat mate , I've been taking him out in the car and getting him to talk through a running commentary , of potential hazards ahead on the road , junctions pedestrians stepping out on the road etc . I didn't really want him to have one tbh mate , but found it hard to say no as he knew full well I had one on my 16th

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