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Paula run off road

gwr northants

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Yes by possibly a drunk driver or just an out an out twit in a range rover sport , doing (what Paula said was well over 50 ) in a 20 zone residential area taking up the middle of the road , Paula had to mount the pavement has fooked the NSF wheel and steering rack up , happy days 400 notes easy , any fooker in northants in a blue range rover sport beware of Artics taking out your front end , Paula is fine very shook up tbh wouldn't drive today , I'm livid , time and a place for it , and it isn't in a residential area , ( sorry rant over ) fook s**t twit b stard hoar !!!

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Glad to here shes ok fella. Its that time of year again where everybodys in such a rush to get them last minute presents whilst driving like retards! Im seriously thinking of investing on a dashcam.

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Glad she's OK mate nearly got wiped out myself tonight by some boy racer trying to take a turn into the junction I was exiting at twice the appropiate speed , missed the turn and ran straight into curb in front of me .how I didn't hit him I'll never know..Prat just glanced at me reversed and drove of

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funnily enough a twit in a range rover was causing me grief last night on my way back from the petrol station, seems that the drivers of these things think they are immune to getting hurt sat up there in the metal womb, consuming 75% of the road.

The back road from "red house" shel garage at heath in Chesterfield was UN-gritted and experience told me to be very careful going the back way in these conditions yet a new range rover with its HID lights piercing my eyeballs was so close I could smell the guys aftershave.

My car had already done a little wiggle on the black ice on this stretch of road before the range rover decided he wanted to look in my boot.

I was travelling at about 20 MPH, popped my hazards on for a few blinks to warn him that there was a reason behind my steady speed and to hope it would make him realise to back off, it didn’t he got even closer, then another black ice wriggle for me to contend with as I sorted it looking in the mirror the range rover did a big wiggle, went up the grass bank and into a fence and hedge bottom, he and the car survived OK but with one headlamp out, grill hanging off he backed out of the hedge bottom and carried on his journey very steadily.

Glad your missus is OK



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