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New member saying hello


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Hi guys,

My name is Scotty (scooba) saying hello to all in the MSOC, ? looking forward to meeting all u scooby nuts and making new friends, it will be my first owners club meet so please be gentle?.

I'm afraid I haven't worked out how to do a profile pic yet but I'll get there.

All the best.



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your coming from kent to the midlands meet? ? ? ............................now thats dedication :)

what ya driving?

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Hi m8,

Yep, all the way from not so sunny Kent at the moment?? been driving scoobs for 13 years now and loved every minute of it,

I'm currently driving a blue V7 STI bug, lovely car but have always fancied going back to the classic, can't put m finger on it but there's just something about em I really like if ya know what I mean??

How bout you??

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