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How much was petrol when you passed your test ?


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17.1p per litre then when I started FFS!! :hrhr:

I can remember setting aside £3 a week for fuel for work and £7 for fuel to play - by the time I'd paid my mum board I was only left with a fiver out of my wages!!

Good thing I had another source of income then lol :money:

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80p a gallon if memory serves, wages at the top of the ticket £17.00, of which £5.00 was an attendance bonus, late just two times as in 2 mins, the clocking in machine stopped printing in black and changed to red, just two reds in one week and a fiver was taken off the wages..........


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Id love another mk2, my old one was originally a Gold more door 1.3 ghia with rs2000 running gear and a brown vinyl roof lol! Proper sleeper on twin 45's i loved it and wish id still got it

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