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Let's keep this thread on track as originally intended with the post and keep it away from what other companies are doing

It's great that Subaru are finally realising that there is another side to the marque other than the WRC

I think the discussion should focus on what they are doing for us as a community.. I am sure there will be chance for other companies to be involved with what is happening here which is great for us all as enthusiasts :thumb:

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better than Coronation street.......

At least it doesnt portray the stereotypical "drug dealer" image..

Nice one !!!



my post was meant as a tonque in cheek post, nothing more and more to the point we have been involved with the Subaru motor-sport video crew from the word go, its been driven by us so there is NO question as to SCR's take on it showing that the Subaru is a truly great car with a massive following of great people, petrol heads and enthusiast alike.......


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