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holiday fun?

2nd Lady

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Any one doin oat good we sampleling some big meat 16oz steak at pub then back for bank holiday wine and some oh i say stonge thank you very much sir vodka washed down with some abba and elvis :-):-) love elvis if you could of been around at some other time when would it be i would of like to be sandy out that grease film rob could of been a pretty boy in one of them cardigans x lol

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Stack nice the wine afordable on the pocket if im not wrong meets here once vwry nice here comes tge chesse cake not for me ill have a nother bottle it mite curdle my hard proof vofka back home i cry when im sick not worth it :-( last time i was sick years ago i now how far to go now days lol well some times x it was maguluf foam party being a arse i had to gi in front of the foam thing christ it was bad i thought i was for ever gonna be blind sufferd big time x glaze over my eyws all holiday looked a little sexy i thought x

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