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As Katie is 18 on Friday

Scooby 17

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Well I'm not a great living of them jase for my own reasons , I've seen people leathered over private reg plates in the past can't see that happening with Katie but steve yes lol !! And 18 bloody hell how time flys mate

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you bought her a 18yr old car?

sorry T reg is 1998? so 16

Dont get this tbh , we didnt buy her a car for 18th her nan did are you saying its wrong to buy an older car for her to start driving in ? i wouldnt buy a newish one until she is more confident

I dont know put something up nice and get a sarcastic post like this what gives phill :realmad::realmad: nice replies tho mr p and scatty :unworthy::rockon:

we as parents are very proud of our daughter who has battled a serious illness since she was 11 and to achieve what she has over the last few years is astonishing Im not going to go into details but the old scooby crowd all know what we went through as parents

so if u want to say something like this keep it to yourself next time not happy phill

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Come on Di I don't think Phil meant anything nasty by it , I'm sure he never , no one on here would critercise you and jase as parents far from it , you have great kids and I honestly

Mean that , all your kids are a credit to you both , and I can't see anyone on here saying anything different !! Ps how are ya anyway shorty ain't seen ya in ages , hope all is good up your way .

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