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Deanamoore's STi Prodrive


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I wanted 10j on tbh fella but then looked into an arch kit and I'm not really happy getting the arches cut up so yes gonna go with 9 myself I'm currently on 8.5 car looks good mate well tidy , I can why u said ya skint as all ya coin been going on ya motor lol , bet ya mrs love it lol

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Lol she doesn't no,she said she heard a rumour that I might of spent a grand on it since I add it lol.i had me wheels on 2 month b4 she noticed an that was cause her dad came round an spotted it the b' strd.an as for engine mods turbo an ecu an that she is none the wiser.it has been a exspensive month but the outcome is awesome.it pulls so well an is starting to look half decent.

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Thanks essbon nice to see ya car in the flesh,instead of out the drivers window at curbs lol.it was manic up there today.nice classic u have.i might have a type r next.

Thanks... Get one. It's all about the 2 doors :thumb:
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Right then,I am just wondering what my car is worth an I am open to suggestions.with or without the plate.that will probably be put on my next one.but here goes 2.1 stroker fully forged at 84 tho mile.it now has 88 on it.its 427 bhp with 417 tourque.its got a new Simtek ecu sc42 uprated fuel pump 850 cc injectors.perrin inlet,perrin 3 port an map sensor.decatted full system.its had the arches rolled with the back arches cut out an rebuilt last year.bc rm not the cheaper set put on last year.full toucan display with al an lc.its got full service history.i am just keen to no wat people think.as I have seen another impreza I like.so two minds for me next mods or a change thanks dean

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i would guess between £6.5k and £8k to the right person.the bug wasnt the favorite shape BUT it seems to be holding its own these days very well,i never liked the bug shape but im slowly coming around to it now

car looks stunning by the way

who built the engine?

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