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**SOLD** Smart Car


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after 2 1/2 years of perfect economic running around it's time to let my smart car go :cry:

brought from my mate just to nip here & there in it's been a great fun car to have.

fully loaded with lots of toys...

heated leather seats

glass roof with blind thingy

front fogs

heated & electric mirrors

semi & full auto gear box

air con

I've added a set of 6x9 speakers in the boot panel with 6 1/2" speakers under the dash

also for comical value it's got a dump valve :hrhr: yes, really has!!!

the tow bar was made to fit the bike rack on & it can stay on there or if you want it off then a GB sticker will cover the hole

bad bits are a small crack in the back wheel arch (common on these) & a scratch on the drivers door

none of this bothered me as it works & its cheap to run, a full tank of V-power only costs £22 & does around 300 miles on it

current mileage is 81,025 but this could go up a little as its still in use

tax until end of October

MOT until early January next year

it had an engine rebuild by a specialist before my mate brought it with documents to prove

NOTE car will come with the standard alloys unless I get some more ££££££s as they are worth a fortune








offers around £1200 but will listen to sensible offers

PM me for contact details

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Now on gumtree at £1100

That's around £400 cheaper than they are on auto trader

All cleaned inside & out with the standard wheels back on

New pics to be added later

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I've had 4 phone calls so far, backed with around 60 texts asking stupid questions about it then daft offers like will I take £600 for it as there is 1 for sale for £500....... Yes but that's got a knackered gearbox was my reply

Then my maximum is £900....... He got told to ring back in a fee weeks when he's saved some more pocket money up

I hate selling cars

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Is it fast mr !!!!

Will it do doughnuts in maccy ds car park !!!

it may be a little too fast for you, a whole 60bhp its packing :-)

it can do donuts....in the snow with a paper clip in the ODB socket to turn the traction control off.

im sure you can understand the importance of such safety features when you have such a high power going through the back wheels :hrhr:

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