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any home tech experts on here? surround sound question

Big Shrek

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me and mrs shrek will be moving soon and we are getting rid of our old stereo/dvd player/bose surround system as there is wires everywhere and most of it is 10+ years old.

i have bought an xbox one to watch dvd's/blu-rays etc and i would like to use it as a cd player aswell but the tv wont be loud enough,the reason ive done this is to save space

can anybody recommend me a home cinema surround sound system that i can use with an xbox one? my tv is a 50" panasonic viera with 3 x hdmi ports and a scart aswell

wireless prefered but will consider wired

dont want loads and loads of speakers everywhere but i do want it loud

cheers guys

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go wired, then you won't get interference from other wifi stuff,

have a look in SuperFi they have some great deals on Ex demo/stock clearance.

Like this...


and add it with this...


best is to go in and get advice, you don't need to spend loads... but when you start you'll not want to stop. ;)

have a look at their in store clearance.

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Agreed, wired set up with some time spent to hide the wires is the best set up you can get.

Bose are fairly decent, plenty of base from them, so wouldn't bother forking out for a new set up if you are just wanting to hide the wires.

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