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Marv...... it would seem your butler has escaped and is posting on mids....

I thought you had him locked in that padded room?? :hrhr:

Alright tidgy..... :ice:

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Hi Fella,

welcome back......

UK scoobs is well down at the moment but only because people don’t post on there and it would be rude of me to push the forum using this forum to aid awareness....

Cough cough



and if you make a suggestion, It is made clear that there is a 'suggestions moderator' to make suggestions.

meets are cancelled at 2 hours notice because the 'meets moderator' was pissed the night before and can't get out of bed, so now one else can go either.

its a very strange place, but then again they are based around these parts, where nothing is normal :lol:

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Lol I went back on today for a mosey really , yes very very quiet , shame as it does have some great members , I stopped going on tbh when it was the kick off between the owner and a mod ??? Long story

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