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What goes up must come down ...............

Scooby 17

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They are nice pics shame they have already been copied and used on fb without my permission next time logos and copyright will be on the images , live and learn eh

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Don't mind one bit it's use for mids don't like it being used on other business pages without permission that's all Mids are welcome to use it anytime as I am a member and it's a none proffit making club

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After the low flying lesson Fud did ya say it's ok folks yam all right !!! I had me shreddies this morning !! ( but in a yam yam Brummie accent lol ) !!! 9 out of ten though mate for acrobatic skill in mid air !!!

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Tbh was the first time i had drove the car with the new set up so rushed into it a tad to soon but hey that's why we went for testing,Matty and the lads had worked very very hard to get it ready and i was a bit peeed with my self for banging it but hey they are all ready on the case and fingers crossed will be at the ring this weekend.

Thanks again to the organisers great lads known them a good few years now and also to the camera man :) we are in discussions for future events :) And of course to matty and the lads at m d developments different level of workmanship and work to detail more is to come was only on 1.4 bar 500bhp no launch no anti lag no race fuel thats all to come and 2.4 bar should see 700+ :)

Now where is the number to them driving lessons lolol

Edited by Big B053 fud
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