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Bad news

gwr northants

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Been a bit F off this week as my lovely little staff dog that I've had for nearly 13 year has terminal cancer , it's really cut me up tbh , daft hey how a little fat four legged friend can cut you up

Soo bad , I'd cut my hand off to save her , daft I know , but she is my little girl !!!

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Sorry to hear this gaz I know exactly how you feel we lost our dog more than ten years ago to cancer ,her collar and lead are tucked away safe and sound ,as you say such a big part of the family for 12 years .

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Really sorry to hear you news bud!!

Like you say..... part of the family!!

Doesn't matter if it sounds soft, or daft....... least you have the guts to show your feeling matey!!

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know exactly how you feel, lost many of our companions over the years, and always said "never again" but we now have two cocker spaniels, "Elle" and "Lenny", a Lab who comes to work with me every day, "Wilf" and 3 cats, lining ourselves up for plenty future upset there again,

As the saying goes, "better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all", just never feels that way at the time....

Chin up fella, try to think of all the good times...

You have my deepest sympathy



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I feel your pain buddy, and I'm truly sorry for you.

we are a massive dog loving family, we have had them for 20+yrs and they are indeed part of the family, I even call my boys 'the kids'.

It never gets easier when they become ill.

If we have to make the decision to euthanize, we make a conscious decision and date, we have as many days as possible feeding with all there favourite treats and stuff they shouldn't have but love etc

then we have 2 days on the lash in the local, as ALL my dogs are regulars there,

we find it good to hang around with people who knew them, and listen to the stories of their experiences of getting humped by a rottie for the 1st time etc :crazy:

trust me, when 60kg of Rottweiler wants to shag you, when you have had 7 pints, their isn't a lot you can do, except become mentally scarred. lol


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