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My hawks back on the rd :-)

Fez the plodder

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I was B road blasting when I felt the car judder!! As I looked down the oil light was on!! I could already hear the knocking from the engine before I could stop:-( damaged was done! I just sat at the side of the road with my head in my hands!!

There was some blue on the crank where it had got hot...and a number of bearings buggered, So I've saved up for nearly 6months and had it all rebuilt (forged) the only things reused are the two casing halves....

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Do u need anymore though for fast road use ? I mean the blob I just bought with a forged 2.5 in the beat it's seen on the rollers was 437 or 436 I think Matt who I bought it off had it wound down a touch to about 415 I find it more than enough tbh , the torque is great , I don't really need or want any more , ( well till next week anyway lol)

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