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Trackday mishap!


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Joined a mate with his evo IV today at cadwell, went along as a passenger and we ended up like this! lol



coming out of the goose neck going down into Mansfield, the car drifted out, back right went onto the curb and touched the grass and took us round, shot across to the other side of the track, bounced off the Armco (damaged it. they had to pull it straight with the tractor) and came to rest halfway down the hill!



the only injuries I sustained were from the airbag going off!! although the car is looking a bit worse for wear!!


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coming out of the goose neck going down into Mansfield, the car drifted out

Not the most forgiving place if you get it wrong. Main thing is you are both ok. I bet your underpants changed colour very quickly ! :)

theirs a skid mark from the goose neck all the way back to Mansfield shitpile.gif

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