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Please sponsor myself and Hendo raising money for Rainbows Children's Hospice

We will be driving into Europe dressed as Thelma and Louise

12 countries in 9 days with Bulldog Rally 2014

Just £5 would be massively appreciated by both us and the children it benefits

Thank you x

CLICKY -----> https://www.justgiving.com/bulldograllyleeandady/

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Guys and girls

I have done a lot for charity in the past and not only raised several thousand pounds.........but I have donated a quid or two here and there!

My point in stating this is I know what the pressure is like sometimes when you see what others have so generously donated and yet you feel you cannot afford to match what others have donated!

Please..........this is not a competition.......every single donation will be massively appreciated by both myself and Hendo........and even more so by Rainbows......so it does not matter how much you donate........as long as you do ;)

Thank you guys x x x

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U r welcome guys , u have always looked after us when fundraising in the past it's hard to get backing , if only all that read this would find a couple of pounds it would soon mount up come on peeps dig deep !

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Come on tight gits ,, great charity event , have one pint less this weekend and donate 3 quid , every penny helps , I know times are hard , just drive off boost for half a day !!! 3 quid saved ,

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Well as you all know we are not a profit making organisation so we are delighted to give a donation from the small amount of profit we did make from a fantastic 10 Year Anniversary Event to this most worthy cause.

On behalf of everyone from M-SOC, well done guys and best of luck - top effort ;)

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