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Ayup from North Notts

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thought i'd come over and say high, as i hear you guys have regular meets / drives, and that's what i like. :roadrage:

I'm Bobby and I'm Gobby, take most of what i say with a pinch of salt, if you don't it will probably get emotional :harhar:

my current drive is a '99 Legacy GT-B e-Tune twin turbo wagon


'96 Legacy GT twin turbo wagon, Which was up for sale until I got the insurance quote of £300 fully comp with zero no claims, and she went straight thro the MOT,

so I'm keeping her for a while longer.

I'll be at Santa pod on the Sunday with UKLEGECY.COM

and me and the missus always go to JAE thursday to sunday.

So if you're willing to accept me and my far superior Subarus (compared to the Imps :ass: ) I'm happy to bring the Lurve.

the GT-B




the GT



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Where abouts in North Notts?

Im in Worksop buddy, are you close ?

LOL...another GWR.....

How many coffins can you get in them bargers...lol....see you on the strip on Sunday

Welcome to M-SOC bye the way...you`ll defo fit in

Them barges can comfortable sleep 2 adults and a 9 stone rottie on a double airbed when its cold :harhar: no need for a tent on the 1 night stop overs. lol

I wont be on the strip personally, only had the BH for 3 weeks and she hasn't had a full inspection yet, my spanner monkey has been on holiday (im paying the fecker too much obviously) lol

The brakes are shyte for sure, got a slight solenoid problem on the tiptronic box, got the part from Miami but waiting for fitting (hopefully this week b4 santa pod)

the BG (silver 1) is gonna be my track car / toy for a while, im in the process of wrapping her with brush titanium effect vinyl, to smarten up the old paint. then she will be for sale it think, i cant justify 2 cars when their is only me that drives in the house.

but if she doesn't fetch the £1400 i want, i would rather race her to an oily grave by the side of Blyton park or somewhere. lol

sorry for the long posts, ive just noticed im on limited numbers................................How long does that last ????

thanks for the warm welcome, see you at the pod, i'll try and find you guys to say hello in person, if not, will prob see you at your next meet, next month.


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U need to pay for membership to get full posting rights fella , it's really cheap and u do get discount at the meeting pub , think it's 12 nikka, or in your case 4 pukka pies and a pint mate !!!

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