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Type R is getting there


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As some of you know, my car was vandalised along with Lesley's and a few neighbours last weekend. Seems like some teenagers have been causing havoc all over the estate I live on with complete disregard to the cost that they have heaped on the owners.

Anyway after discovering the damage at the meet last Sunday, the car went straight to the paint shop and is almost ready.

Thanks to the litter scumbags my car wont be ready for the Prodrive 30th Anniversary meet, but its more important that the car is finished properly. Today the top coat and lacquer went on and it is now baking in the oven so will be ready next week thanks to Dale, Kev etc @ Scoobyclinic

Last week the misery looked like this



Today :)


Shame the police thought it was a better idea to have a speed camera set up in the valley the day after, rather than looking for the little pricks that damaged many cars on the Valley :( Doesn't make you feel very good about the boys in blue at the moment


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Oh god thats sad dirty sum bag bastards no time for who did this im not meen but what ever thay hold dear in life and im sure its it little and worth f**k alk ive no time may thay burn and die sorry if it to strong we work our b******s of for nice things scummy f**kers say hello to lesley x ill shut up im on holiday but thats knocked it x xx

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and next time, be more vigilant when getting in your car.... :ice:

you swore blind to us you would have noticed if it had been done at home....glad its nearly back to its former glory. if you catch um they would do f**k all to um, still leaving you to pay for the mess... bastards....

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Little b*****ds!!!!!!!!!!!

Gutted for ya steve...... least its in good hands now and hopefully back to its gleaming glory soon!!!

(see I can be nice to ya.......... sometimes :laughing: )

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Well I think it's safe to say.......... its a lot better looking then its owner!!

Glad you got it back, and looking how it should steve!!

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