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Bloody dentist

gwr northants

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Just been dentist to get a temporary dressing on my stump of a tooth from a work accident , was told it might only last a day and next week to come and get another ? At 55 quid a pop told them to go F off !! Till I can get an appointment at the end of the month , takes the bloody p I think , was in there 4 minutes and cost me 18.50 !!! That's not a bad hourly rate is it !!

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It's not good mate , I pay my tax my stamp duty , I'm English etc etc , privatisation can be a good thing but also a bad thing , kick out all the bloody immigrants that are a drain on the nhs ,

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been there and got the T shirt yet just last Monday a guy comes along for a power run, most of the cost of a power run is the time taken to strap the car and unstrap it after, the actual runs are just a few minutes,

This particular car got to 5000 RPM and hit boost cut very dramatically, we couldn’t run it any further, it was unstrapped and customer briefed that the map needed addressing as the boost control was way out all of the run but shot into the danger zone at 5K,

He answered " I never rev my car above 3500 RPM so I don’t feel the problem on the road", we explained that for him to enjoy the power of a turbo charged car he would need to press on a little and if he did in this case he would hit boost cut....

Now here's my point re dentist charges......

Difficult to work out just what to charge, I know from experience if we don’t charge he most likely wont come back so a decision was made that we charge £45.00 + vat as per normal for the power run and offer to refund it in full when he comes back for his re map, smiles all round and off he went.

Following day I get a s**tty e mail stating he had been over charged as he didn’t get his full runs and he wanted a full refund and would not be coming to the clinic as we were trying to rob him.

I explained we had done our job and likened it to going to the dentist, good news or bad they charge so that’s what we did with an offer to refund the £45.00 when he has his re map sorted....

He made a pathetic attempt at blackmail stating he was to go on forums and face-book alike, telling his tail of woe, I just refunded him his £45.00 as a gesture of good will, explaining that if he is to experience the power and all round fun of a scoob he needs to learn to drive it and stop being a pussy, and in this case if he does he will find boost cut under load and may end up sweeping his engine off the floor.

Horse to water and slightly off topic but you get the picture, dentists don’t give a monkeys we just pay up good or bad news sorted or not



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Sadly for me i have been at the mercy of quite a few dentists and they are on a no lose scenario and i still have teeth missing at the front after oodles of promises from private and nhs dentists so i think they have got us by the curlys so it seems.

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Yes dentist i got a gold cap dint know i was havin one till hit me with the bill christ bout died glad it back of my mouth bloody not lady like BLING x

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