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2nd Lady

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To day i was asked what do i do thats just time i like to do things :-\ we were on about just time out well i like to craft and bye wonderfull craft ltems and love to sing along to west life i love to open a fresh jar of coffee and dam right a coffee in bed sunday mornings and flash my t ts to the post man x ok may be not x lol so come on apart from your scobbies what do you like to do may be walk the dog or pick and eat it oh yes i like that :-) ummm

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Nice one nice to now were your balls lie ;-) did golf one time and one time only at skeggy some hotel south saw rings a bell :-)llol mite nt br there coz i gottotal happy and if i recall did not pay the bill x did a wicked brecky bottomluss coffee well sorted did the trick back it thevthe bar shang u lar x

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Go the pub , watch old cheesy films on the TV , how can anyone not

Like Lon chainey films , abbot and Costello , any form of motorbike racing from moto gp to wsb bsb etc , going to different places with the family , and sampling the local beer !! I despise doing the garden , going food shopping , being in crowded places , shopping precincts etc

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