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Well I`m a proud Dad today.

Sam has been offered an apprenticeship at Lindleys Autocare Centre.

He went for an interveiw today and got offered the postion straight away. The manager said he liked Sam`s attitude and his polite mannerisam, also that he was confident but not cockey.

Makes me feel that me and Donna brought him up in the right way.

He starts on Tuesday at 8.30am, he`s BUZZING with excitment........WELL DONE SON :Red-Wink:

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well done Sam , Paul he is some one to be proud of he's always been polite and able to have a laugh with when he's been to shows and events. Good luck for the future , but watch out you don't come home one day and find the P1 in bits on your front lawn lol.

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Yes well done :-) i started out on a yts god years a go head down work hard and let them now your worth im not say saying lick arse just do your best and thy will see this this is a good way to go on wards and up wards x :-) enjoy

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Well he`s packed up his ruck sack, overalls, boots, deoderant, aftershave. (think he`s on the pull...lol)

Catching the bus at 7.10am, got to be there for 8.15am till 5.30pm

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Think it is good that he has actually got a job doing what he always wanted too ! . Too many of the youth today struggle to get a place at a company etc that they actually want to be at , and end up doing mundane jobs with no enthusiasm or love for the job . Sure he will be fine ,and his first wage packet will be great for him , beers be on Sam soon hey paul ? But your teetotal lol

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