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Scooby 17

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Oh misternice x likein it just sampling a few on such a fine day we have garden dip bar and my bar lol x :-) and we all no whats on that ? Hope peolpe enjoying good weather right nice party starting over road ginna it thst f ucker later xx full on lady style x ?:-\

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Rob I can translate that one my self it's not that late yet , don't blame ya Jase , chilling myself been a real nice day , they reckon it's bloody rain all next week down this way , bloody weather ,

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Can you share with use your tipple on this fine day ive been busy getting pissed and painting steppining stones bloosy love a wine vodka top in hand a craft brush total spacesme out makes goin work total worth time igot new colour summer haze dteammy x my thing this time is edoges them sharpe spicky things dam wish i could spell xx :-):-)

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Not drinking today , been busy with stuff tbh , sat here now with a big cup of tea and about 4 packets of cakes , mr Kipling , !!

Fat fook ! :lol:

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