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Hi all, I have just joined as i was after going to events and stuff.

I was wondering whether you are doing the prodrive tour at banbury as i seen this advertise but i was not a member which is the reason i joined this group as i quite fancied going there and meeting up. Its on the 8th of june i believe.

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The Prodrive event has only been made public within the last 24 hours or so

I have been asked by the RA club if m-soc would like to attend

It's more to celebrate 30 years of Prodrive than anything else but I believe there will be a factory tour. I'm not sure if this has been limited though as I doubt three or four hundred people can wander round. I might be wrong though. At the 20 year WRX event it was held in the car park with access to the gift shop

Will advise later when this has been discussed with the other staff members and I have spoken to Dean at the RA club

This must be the 4th or 5th last ever event At the old Banbury HQ though

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As has been said they advertised the last ever event at prodrive ages ago then 3 month later held another ? Cheeky b stard i think so , welcome to ms oc . The prodrive thing is a bit boring tbh , too ,

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Cool ok. Thanks for the quick response and look forward to hearing any update on this.

If you have never been before then it's worth going

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Look in the ms meets section mate first Sunday of each month at the clock pub , has post codes etc in the section , cracking pub good food and you get discount there too as your a paid member , one of the club owners , steve or Andy will have your membership card , ask any one sure they will point u in the right direction

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Thanks. Had a look in the section where all info is but does not say a time.

The monthly meet is always held on the first Sunday of every month at The Clockewarehouse in Shardlow. It starts from around 12 noon and goes on until folks leave :)

I will be posting a new meet thread in the next few days (Usually 2-3 weeks before) on the forum, the FB like page and m-soc FB group

So the next meet is on Sunday 1st June

Hope that helps


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