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Evening Guys

Been sent to this forum by Scoobyclinic and Forest4ever as I'm on the hunt for a P1, word is there a nice one for sale :p

I'm from Essex so just invading your northern forum on the hunt for the right car :-)

Anyone know if Marv's car is still for sale?



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Yes I believe marvs car is still for sale , good clean example as the man only buys quality cars , well worth a look mate as you won't be disappointed !!

And Essex ?? Is that like chav Central. ??? I can send you the link for corsa boys r us . Com if ya want fella lol , only buzzing had many a good night in jumping jacks lol!!!

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Lol nowt wrong with that fella , p1s are great 3rd best Scoob going after a 22b and s proper two door ??? Yep a type r lol ( sorry private joke as I had a type r ) nowt wrong with a p1 marvs is clean fella good car

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Is there any pictures of it on here? A part from the for sale thread?

P1 all the way, loved them from the day I sat in one 14 years ago. Some great memories and time spent with my father in his one.

Finally in a position to have one as a second car. I've seen so many, there is some right dogs out there....

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Welcome aboard Jimmy - my P1 is for sale still - lots of pics dotted all over the site at various events, etc.

The car is up at Scoobyclinic at the moment being serviced & MOT'd as indicated in the FOR SALE section ;)

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