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And the winner is....


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Anja had a beautiful little girl on Tuesday morning at 11:35am

Weighted 6lb 14oz.

I would put a pic up, but as I have said to the mods, the forum just doesn't seem to let me!!! :realmad: :realmad:

No name as yet...... Baby doing well, but anja lost a lot of blood ( 1.5 ltrs!!!!! ), so is a bit weak still.

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Thank you everyone!!! :bow:

You forget how much hard work a little baby is!!

Were are all home now..... as the hospital staff were a waste of time, and I was having to do a lot of stuff myself!!!! :growl:

The NHS has totally gone down the pan...... its just ran by money men now.... no interest in patient care at all!! :growl:

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