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sad day.............no more subaru

Big Shrek

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took the impreza for its last drive today,a well known breaker bought it off me and is going to be breaking it for spares.

i wanted a subaru for years and years and 21 months ago i finally got one and looking back at the money i ploughed into it is humiliating as all i got at the end of it all was a car with a smokey vf35 and a fuel problem.i had to call it a day as it was ruining me financially.

i have nobody to blame but myself-i have obviously made some very bad choices on the way.

sorry i didnt get to a meet folks would have been great to meet ya'll and have a chin-wag.

thanks for the advice thats been offered to me on here.

im totally gutted its came to this as the car had some high end parts on it but i had to give up in the end.

keep it real folks



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Is this deffo this time if so I'm sad to here this as all the ups and Dow uv had and paint job engine builds etc I thought u were finally getting the car to the end product who's breaking it ??

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Gosh thats right sad and about never meeting you sad to if only once still come to a meet loats of pepole ask who s that shrek well i was just enjoying my lpng earned coffee in bed feel sad now id best go let the cat in x

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is never easy to say "that's it.... its gotta go"

Ive been there, and although it wasn't to a breaker, it still hard when you've put ALOT of money into a car.

At the end of the day, its onwards and upwards hopefully.....

And if you ever feel in the mood to take the p155....... you know where we are...

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as per the title "sad day", very sad day indeed, another Scooby owner lost to the Subaru community.

One of the reasons I bang on about bad advice is exactly this,

People save and save, wait until they can insure one and go out to buy their dream car, only to find several wrong moves, bad advice and in a lot of cases cars going to the wrong garages and boooom !, c

Upshot is car has to go, pockets emptied, dreams shattered never to return to the world of the scoob ever again, bloody shame.

You don’t have to own a scoob though to come on here for a laugh .



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bad times mate at least you got some money back, cant say im surprised to read this though as your project was one of the strangest ways to go i think i've seen for a while.

save a bit of cash and come back, this time start with an sti..

Yeah thinking either Jdm or uk sti but not until end of the year.need a car asap now as walking sucks

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Yeah thinking either Jdm or uk sti but not until end of the year.need a car asap now as walking sucks

its sad mate after all the work and money you put in but honestly i think what it cost vs what you would end up with you did right not to carry on.

making a 450 bhp plus car out of a wrx is financial suicide.

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