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Felt quite proud tonight

gwr northants

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My eldest off to Army cadets in full uniform , looked spot on , can't believe how big he is now , just gone 15 and 6ft in boots , looked spot on , brought back memory's from my youth , yes when I had hair , must be getting soppy in my old age , daughter doing well in karate , still wants to be a

Ninja assassin lol kids hey fookin awesome !!

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I bet he's just like his dad too!!!


Thankfully he takes after his mum... Great kids you've got gaz... Always well mannered and polite. That must be mine and Adys influence when you were away..xx

I did army cadets at school, proper loved it. I reckon all kids should be made to do it. Give um some discipline and pride...

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Cheers peeps , yes me n Paula are proud of our kids , tried to bring them up the best we can , and yes to show respect to people etc , and I agree in national service scatty tbh , I think it would give the country a good strong foothold in the work force etc etc , too many kids now a days with no respect , scatty working in the naafi tuck shop wasn't cadets mate lol

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Ha ha ha ha Scatty in army cadets........bet he ran the tuck shop!!!

Ha ha I will admit to chuckling at that....

I was f**kin awesome, a cross between Full metal jacket and the Goonies....:-)

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