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Newbie from Bingham


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Hi Guys,

Picked up my hawkeye yesterday and couldn't be happier.

Only got a quick pick from this morning:


Got quite a nice spec list:

-All important forged engine from API

-PPP spec (Walbro Fuel Pump etc) With additional custom Andrew Carr Remap
-Full Turbo Back TSL Pulse Extraction Exhaust with Racing Cat (fully heat wrapped downpipe)
-Viper Carbon Fibre Airbox with cold feed to front fog light
-Uprated silicone turbo hoses
-Turbosmart Vee Port Dump Valve
-Blitz Radiator Cap
-Prodrive oil cap
-Eibach Pro-Line Springs
-Prodrive front splitter
-Prodrive Mudflaps
-Black ZUNSPORT front lower grille
-Benen Industries neo-chrome towing eyes (front/rear)
-Ti lightweight wheel nuts
-8000K HIDs & LED Sidelights
-Autogauge Boost Gauge
-HKS Type Zero Turbo Timer
-Spec C Black Dashboard
-Spec C gear knob
-Black professionally colour coded gear selector surround
-Matte black professionally colour coded speedo rings to match spec C dashboard
-carbon door pillar covers/subtle carbon detailing

Loved the drive back yesterday.

Keep an eye out for me :)

Comments/criticism welcome



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Some of that styling mods list confuses me, especially the half painted black front bumper?

I'm sure it'll look alot better in person though.

Best looking shape in the best colour too. :thumb:

Welcome along, get yourself to a meet soon so we can have a nose!

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Yeah will be giving it a nice detail next week (unfortunately away this coming weekend)

So will get some up after that.

Yeah the mod list is a little weird, I'll be tidying it up don't worry. But do have to say the carbon wrap on the bumper looks better in real life.

Yeah I am on Calder Gardens just off Lune Way, you local?

Edit - work in Nottingham so pass by West Bridgford most days (car share with the misses though)

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My kids live there mate......I used to live in Bingham a while back

I go that way every week so will keep a look out for ya!

Ah good stuff, no doubt I'll see you around then. (or hear you)

Have seen a silver hawkeye around West Bridgford thinking about it.

Also a white newage has driven past my house a couple of times.

That anyone?

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That must be Ady's! (whiteknuckle)

Mine is the same colour as yours but with WRX Spoiler, look for some dodgy stickers on the side ;)

Ah cool, sounded awesome.

Have been looking for an impreza for about 4 months so hated hearing that drive by every so often, made me pine for one even more haha!

Love the colour actually, don't seem many in the silver see a lot more grey.

I will definitely keep an eye out. Misses currently drives a black C2 (soon to be replaced with a Clio 197) so if you get flashed or thumbs up from that its me too :)

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Yeah got ya.......thought I recognised your parking space lol......and it's deffo me passing you

In fact listen out tomorrow evening after I pick little ones up from school ;-)

Haha, yeah got the mini just how I wanted and then decided I needed the impreza, so put it all back to standard.

Am away at my parents tomorrow, but you'll have to knock on my door and pop in one time :)

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but you'll have to knock on my door and pop in one time :)

Oh my days.... Were you never told, don't talk to strangers. It will all become clear. At least lock up the drinks cabinet...

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