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Newbie from Mansfield

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Hello everyone my name is Jay and after what seems like an eternity I've finally managed to convince the wife to let me have another Impreza.

I've had a few WRX's in the past (Bug and Hawkeye) but finally managed to get an STI. Four years without a Scoob was too long.

It's a 2008 Hatch done 41k, has got some mods on it but the garage were not overly sure of everything that's been done. Picked it up the other day and booked straight into Scooby clinic Monday for a service and Dyno run to see what's what. It's running well at the minute so fingers crossed it'll be ok and I can start to enjoy it. I'm am a little concerned about the 2.5 engine issues so am taking it very steady until after SC have had a good look.

I'm hoping to get into the local Scooby scene a bit and meet a few like minded folks. I've had a look through he posts and will hopefully get to meet a few of you all of a Saturday morning at SC.

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Hello and welcome not far a way just in hucknall dont no if im hearing things but this sunshine bringin some scoobies out and seen a few to day up down nice sliver one load as f c k :-) sounds mint fast as well but not to keen on speed i like scoobies that look good and sound nice and loud and if its blue with full stickers i just have to stop and look :-) so like i say welcome :-):-)

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All good mate thanks. Problem was fixed that caused the engine management light and figures were a lot better after the map. 337/340 now. Maps are posted on 'finally it's done' thread on general subaru chat if you fancy a gander

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