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My first mod...


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Hi all,

Well I bought the car for the car not what it looked like...and I have taken my first step to make her look like I want her to!

Took the STI Carbon wing off...and stuck on a V4 STI spoiler...(car is a V5)!

Love it personally think it looks loads better...next to remove the roof vains! And change the wheels to STI 16s! Spoiler is for sale at a bargain price if anyone wants it along with the boot!





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100% better...

Jeeeeez who thought that black spoiler looked good.....

Cheers...I hated it when I bought it but the car drivers so well was not really concerned about the looks....On that note is that a STI V5 spoiler or could it be a newage modded to fit a classic??? Looks way too big to look right on a classic..

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