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Don't need boost and don't need 4 wheel drive, just catch you and get held up for a few laps is enough for me.

Driver training for you sir.

I think that saying I forgotten more than you now applies, god your lines were abysmal .

An old man , half a heart and forgets which track he's on gets held up by TEAM WHITEKNUCKLES ..tut tut

did I say I was in a hair dressers car , glad I sold the evo just imagine :hrhr:

Stealth the mod and new ms instructor can help just ask him.

Oh engine gearbox £800 instead of 12 k .

in fact I've bought a full clio sport for that :hrhr:

Me and hendo are starting our own race team.

Team whitehair but faster than you :hrhr:

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Nick, av you just popped ya pills....you'll need Hendo in ya team so you can get home..

We were all taking poor lines, cos your gearbox was all over the racing line.....:-)

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Lol Scatty .

That's the first time ever , i could not get home under my own steam.

Scatty have you got that hks turbo.

Talk to supa mario on face book.

Same lot did his engine and fitted his hks.

One event at blyton and its dead.

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Oh dear Nick........you truly are the fastest in the club

Far far faster than me

Sooooooo fast you never dared take a gentlemans wager for a donation to charity on our MLRSS result (which you would have lost lol)

Sooooooo fast you only entered the slowest class going with only 3 people in group just to get on a podium

Sooooooo fast that I am slowly understanding that a trackday is for learning and deciding that building up gradually in the morning at Cadwell while on slicks in the damp, but did you overtake me with slicks on?

Soooooooo fast to fcuk off home leaving a mate without a car to use for the rest of his afternoon

Soooooooo fast Nick........YOU ARE THE BEST

(Ady goes for tea awaiting Nicks usual yarn about seriousness blah blah........:-)))))

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Aidy slow down a bit my reel is catching fire :hrhr:

Just off to prep my race van.

hold on I don't have one fooooooooooooooooooooook me that's why I am so slow.

Slicks yeah ok ... we looked at your tyres and they were not slicks.

my first time round cadwell ...tut tut.

as for the sprinting aidy like I have said yours is a race car mines a road car. but at least it lasted three seasons .

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Well to be fair to nick ady, he was quicker than you under breaking and in the corners! Only until he found reverse mind!

No need to be fair......he was.....yes.......like I said I wasn't pushing until the dry line had developed later in the day

Believe it or not I am slowly maturing on track and no longer feel the need to go straight balls to the wall......I am getting faster on every trackday by going slower lol

Its a trackday......not a race......and if Nick wants to talk about being faster so be it

Look where being sooooo fast got him.........DNF

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