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Before Posting In The For Sale Section Please Read

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For Sale Section - Please read before posting

A few simple reminders:

No commercial sales allowed through here, it's for personal sales only.

Although anyone is more than welcome to browse and view the forsale section only Paid Members can list items for sale. This is inline with many other club policies and with membership starting at just £12 a year represents tremendous value for money.

If you sell the item then please indicate on your thread title that the item is 'SOLD'.

Offers should ideally be made by pm (unless stated otherwise in the ad by the seller) and should unwanted valuations be made directly on the forum the seller may request these be removed by an independent moderator.

If you decide you are not now selling the item please delete your thread.

Please do NOT keep constantly bumping your item to the top, items are allowed to be bumped but only once every 72 Hours, if items are being bumped more frequent than 72 hours then the post WILL be deleted.

For sale posts by forum users will be removed without question

Midlands Subaru Owners Club accepts no responsibility for any item bought or sold using our forums

Sticking to these few simple rules will help us keep the 'For Sale' section flowing smoothly

By joining the forum the above will be accepted by default

All this makes it easier for your potential buyers to know what is and what isn't available - many thanks for your assistance and good luck

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