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Big Shrek

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Right then,some **** keeps letting their dog crap on our driveway right between my scoob and the Mrs car.im ****ing livid as this is disgusting. My Mrs has talked me out of battering every dog walker in hinckley half to death so i'm considering a home cctv system.

I don't wanna spend loads so just a basic system will do,maybe a camera that i can mount on the inside of my windows on the ledge?

Any ideas and advice please peeps



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if you want to catch the owner, remember when you'll fit it it will need to be at a level to capture their face. There's no point in catching the top of their head which is what a lot of home installed CCTV does....

Contact your council as well, fining people for this is easy money for them...

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I think Salsa-King has fitted one. Might be worth asking him

yep, I did my own.. originally a kit from maplins... BUT now I know more about it, I'd have bought all my stuff of Ebay (uk companies etc)

The maplin kit was ok, but camera quality wasn't brill.

When looking at cameras.. the lower the mm the wider the picture (like a camera lens). Maplins' were 9mm and 280TVL. I've now gone wide angle on my Camera now being SONY 3.6mm (you cab get these on ebay with a very good resolution for about £40-45)

TVL ratings.. the better/higher the number the clear the picture. Think I have 3 at 420TVL and one at 500TVL

some now you get are 720!!

Get them with night vision too.

DV recorders.. $ ch will allow you to have 4 camera's on it.. 8ch.. 8 camera etc.

I've just bought a new hard drive recorder with 1Tb memory and 8ch from a company in Blidworth, Nottm, they have some good quality stuff on ebay...


have a look, you can ring them for advice and get a full set up from them. well worth it.

PS, My system doesn't over look anyones houe etc, but does cover the from of my drive, I've had the police view footage of it twice so far when an indecent has happened and they were impressed with the quality of the picture for a home set up. They said they go to see footage from pubs CCTV and Shops and they can't make anything out on them! lol

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