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Track day rubber


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Well after a lot of thought, and recomendations from other people, I decided to go with a very popular choice of track day tryes (for the Clio)

Went for Toyo Proxies R1R`s....they look amazing!! Just need to get them srcubbed in ready for Cadwell on 1st Feb with the CRAZY GANG



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Good choice mate.... As long as its not minus temps they will be brilliant..... :-)

My mate had them on his lotus at donny last month and they were Awsome... Even good in the wet which is a p.us...

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Will be interesting to see how these last. Reports i have is that when hot they come apart on higjer powered cars. One bloke had three sets and they all did the same.

I have federal rsr on the front of the cluo and some michs on the rear.

They seem ok but havnt tracked them.

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They will be fine with a light car... The lotus boys run either proper semi slicks or r1r or ad08s....

They definitely wear quicker than ad08s, but they are a tad softer I think.....

Why different compounds on front/rear nick??? Is that how they came.... After seeing ady with semi slicks front and Goodyear on the rear, I think I'd have the same all round.... :-)

Saying that your front wheel drive, is that why???

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Thats how it came scatty.

Seems a good combo tbh.

Really sticky on the front. Being fwd i dont think the rear dont matter as much.

Seems very good i cant get the rear to let go.

Wouldnt want cheap crap on the rear if ya get me drift.

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