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We have a very easy life


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Came across this thismorning and kinda put things into perspective.

I always knew my grandad was a POW during the war, but he never realy spoke about it. Since my gran died a few years ago he has opened up about it alot more. We all have times when we think were hard done by, or get treated like crap by someone. But this kinda put's it into perspective about how good we realy have it.


section ten, Arthur England is my grandad.

this is the book if anyone is interested


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Hats off to the fella tidgy , he has probably seen and done more things in his life that would kill most people , top respect to the old boy for what he did for us and this country !!

cheers fella

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i did post this but it didt nont come up and as bum and blonde as i am i all wats rember them that made my lfe so nice and every year i hold a event wuth yhe lical schools because its our PLACE .. to never let people ever for ever forget xx

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