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Someone isnt gonna be happy


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SO, bit of a story.

A few weeks back i got a letter through saying 'thanks for setting up your Orange phone account, here's your account details'. Now this was news to me, i havn't been with orange for a number of years cos there network sucks. So i looked on the letter and the banks account details were different to mine.

Straight away warning signs went off, so i rang orange and explained the situation. The first action they took was to disable the phone account and start a fraud investigation. Initial thoughts were along the lines of someone had set up a bank account in my name and then create Orange and god knows what other contracts/spending on it.

I then spoke to the local police and they put me in touch with the fraud people, explained what had gone on, they took details and opened a fraud investigation including giving me a crime number etc.

While all that was going on i managed to track the sort code to lloyds, so i gave them a ring and explained to them what was going on so they could trace the account and lock it to prevent any further fraud. Over the phone they were worse than useless and told me to go into branch. So that left bank account free to be used (o well now its been reported its their money being spent).

The next day i head into the local lloyds branch and explain again what had happened, initially they couldn't find the account at all, then after a bit of varying search terms they managed to track down the account. The account looked real, been active for a long time, usual activity money in and out, the new direct debit for the phone contract was on there and all fine.

And then they finally clicked what was going on, Orange had cocked up. they put the wrong address down on the account.

So, person who took out the contract now had a locked phone account, an ongoing fraud investigation by orange and the police all because Orange cocked up an address.

What a complete bunch of muppets, not heard anything more about this since so can only assume its all sorted, although i wonder if Orange are in the poo for braking the data protection act by sending someone eases contract details to me?

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