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Not sure what the issue is the system should and does for most remember the id

Could you give me the make model of phone and operating system your using Lee and i'll take a look at the settings see if i can sort it out.

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Iphone 4s on iOS 7 bud. I've changed nothing on phone and updated to 7 a few months back. Only started to do this a few days ago.

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no issues for me on 5s iOS 7

this may resolve the issue

remove the safari saved username and password within settings > Safari > passwords and autofill > saved passwords

then try it again..


failing that

clear history and cookies and repeat above process.

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Well this evening i've updated the forum board to the latest release and i've re cached the forum reset the mobile app and deleted any login history, this is all we can do our end, the forum operators aren't aware of any issues as i asked technical to take a look.

If you could let me know if this hasn't helped and i'll take another look but as said this seems to be isolated to your device only.

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