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Happy Birthday "gwr northants"


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happy birthday to you........

your french car is poo............

happy birthday dear mr gwr........

happy birthday to you......

x x x

heres my gift to you on your birthday..................(p.s skip to 1:18 for the best part of your prezzie)


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Pmsl lol nice one peeps , got some nice smelly s of the kids. Good few drinks and yes s huge bottle of jack Daniels honey hmmm lovely

And nice one shrek funny vid !!! Me n the mrs just chuckled at it !!

haha hope i didnt get you "the look" from the mrs when them scantily clad beauties came on?

jack daniels honey..............tis the only reason i may give up my giving up drinking,its fooking well nice

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god so sorry only just seen this .Here hope you had loads of birthday vodka drinking fun hip pip aray from me and robster :-)

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