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The new impreza


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Impreza 2000 with some modifications - Equal length headers (that i can't get used to, they might be coming off), Prodrive Short Shift box, and Afterburner Vortex. pulls great in every gear and no clutch issues or stuttering. It's pretty good.

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Been there, done that and, in my humble opinion, I think a poll would show a resounding win for unequal length headers sounding best - but each to their own I say ;)

Nice looking Impreza you got there fella :thumb:

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Many thanks for the kind words! I'll be changing the headers out, they're just not scooby enough, and one of the reasons i boguht an impreza is for the addctive sound, I can forgo the extra 5bhp they would give me (if I got it remapped).

Problem with this car is it's a dickhead magnet - people pulling alongside you at lights thinking I want to take part in "the fast and the furious long eaton" when in reality I'm nipping out to buy a pint of milk.

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Fair play. I don't want to change mine as there will be absolutely no improvement in performance what's so ever

Another mans meat and all that :)

Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh fella :thumb:

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Going back to your oringial questions months ago Steve...

Did you ever find out the reason why subaru fitted unequal length on its european cars and not just stick with equal length?

No I didn't so I can only speculate. But early EU & JDM cars both had Unequal length headers. Then later the JDM models with Twin Scroll came with Equal length headers. The later UK cars (Such as Phils 330S) have equal length headers

I can only put it down to the layout of the boxer engine and the cost involved in the early days. I would suspect that equal length headers take more material and manufacturing time and for what little gain you get, I would have though Subaru would take the cheaper option for their mass produced car

Being controversial I would put it down to poor original design by Subaru as all new cars (Well STi's anyway) now come with equal length headers as the design has been refined (But you can say that for several other components in the engine i.e. Non AVCS, AVCS and Dual AVCS and Turbo's etc)

From a scientific point of view the exhaust gases have to have a smoother exit velocity as the exhaust pulses will be even

Either way I would have thought it wouldn't make a lot of difference, so it is down to whether you like the rumble or not.

The only way to test the theory would be to run a car back to back on a Dyno with the different headers to see what effect it has to spool, power across the range. Maybe Kev or one of the other sponsors has tried it ?

Anyway that's my thoughts and I'm sticking to equal length at least until I break them !!

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Maybee they wanted to sell quieter cars more refined to the public

??? Weren't the original cats sold to the public ???

The original exhaust systems on the cars were quiet old bean

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