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gwr northants

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F Ing immigrants over here doing my head in , 20 mins late yesterday for a delivery at asda to have the paper work thrown and yes I mean thrown back at me by a 20 something polish desk jockey !!! So because I'm a good boy , quick glance around for cameras then gripped his throat , manners don't cost anything , polish are the new Irish ???

Meaning every major city I've been too you find an Irish bar , now it's a polish bloody deli ,

Fookin Romanians next , there pure w**kers rough as hell , crime rate will soar , fook the EU kick them all out !!!

Sorry rant over , just pisses me off ,

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Oh and wasn't being racist as I know a lot of foreign workers work bloody hard while a lot of the English are bloody lazy gits , it's a problem I think with too many cultures in not a big enough country , !!!

Oh ok I am racist fook em all !!!

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