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Don't forget.


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whoop whoop....

didnt think i would tell my sunday staff at work. its there own fault if they turn up an hour early, which they probably will...

makes getting up for cadwell that bit easier....

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Extra hour in bed i think not its an extra hour for bleachin :-):-):-) i love getting that bpttle out and yes one i cant drink but i just love bleach i am the the number one bleach baby bleach baby .Just think what you could do to the scobbie in one hour get yeh arses up and join in the bleach queen x

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Sir llet me make this clear i love my bleach it keeps things clean and all those things in between here i do my roots at the same time did any one she that thing in telly DARK ROOTS full on LADY We all love to be some one in life and nicole was mine and she looked total nice in scobbie blue x

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here and she was dum as f**k so feel like we had some ting in comon x lol

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