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high boost


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I should be up, collecting car this weekend. Just need to sort transport

do you just need a lift or you talking trailer?

Cornetto's aren't biscuits? I dunno damo, there's something dodgy about them :p now chocolate covered rich tea's and were talking,

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Someone must of gone running to the top (brass) to remove it as it wasn't me this time :-)

I asked if the thread could be removed, as did Adam (specialx). Kev was happy for it to continue. Whether or not that had any influence on the final decision to remove the thread I am not in a position to comment.

If you've got a problem with that Rob then I suggest you discuss it with me (or Adam) directly.

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To put all this straight before this thread gets out of hand

The decision to close the previous thread was unanimous by the owners. This was made prior to anybody asking for it to be closed. The owners decision is final.

I have spoken to Kev at Scoobyclinc and as soon as I get chance I will be speaking to Duncan at Race Dynamix who has contacted me by text .

Healthy debate and experience is always welcome on the site as you all know and I actively encourage sponsors to get involved and chat on the forum. Some do, some don't. But either way it is great for the club and members that we have the companies supporting the site. It is personal choice as to who you use and who you don't.

So lets get back to being the top Subaru club in the world :)


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Top Subaru club in the world? Surely that's scoobynet or 22b??

As for buiscuits Bourbons are best for dunking and those new gooie choc centre ones are the mutts!

Over boost?? Over rated?

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