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Hi, newbie fro Northants

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Hi guys.

I'm Steve from Northants.

I've been around the Subaru scene since 2007 when I bought a MY02 WRX. Funny thing is I never wanted one until I drove one, and now I'd have nothing else!

That car didn't satisfy me for long so I traded up in 2008 to a MY05 Sti, which I still have.

It's had a few mods along the way, with the original engine running an SC46 (that incidentally came from the Gaffer's own car at the clinic) backed up with a Syvecs ECU and Perrin FMIC and making 447/430 with mapping by RaceDynamix.

Things have moved on a bit now in the form of a Zen built forged CDB motor complete with JDM heads overhauled by Finch Motorsport installed this year. It hasn't been finish mapped yet, but running a 321V with all the other good bits you might expect, and soon to be fed on a Methanol mix, I'm hoping for some good output from it.

I've always had an interest in motorsport. but particularly drag racing and I raced for about 15 years up to 1995. Started off in street with a Dodge Charger (= canal barge) and worked my way up to Super Gas, running a best of 9.7 @ 147 in a Mopar powered Ford Pinto. Happy days.

Best scooby moment?

The Gathering.

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First of all you have come to the right place we are all here for one thing and one thing only. The love of our Scoobies. Welcome to MS Sounds like you have had an interesting past. Glad you have seen the light and moved to JDM rather than Yank muscle haha :ouch:

Hope you enjoy MS interesting that you have one of the clinics masterpieces i was only exposed to them recently and their capabilities have blown me away and that's no understatement. (On the top of the x mas list) You should get yourself down to the Gaffers clinic on Sat come and introduce yourself there is a regular flow of us that go fro about 11 onwards.

Hope to see you there :thumb:

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Ey up fella , don't listen to lord Linton !!! He's masturbated too much and likes small furry animals , car sounds a beast were abouts in north ants are u ??

And no Ady scatty Hendo steve , I'm not gonna go round and nick bits lol

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thanks for the welcome guys.

My car is a parallel UK import, so not a JDM, just JDM heads.

As for the yank muscle, 650 ft/lbs is good no matter what shape it is, just as long as you don't try anything clever like going round corners!!

I have been to the clinic, but it's a bit far for a jaunt.

I'm not far from Zen's place in Wellingborough so that's where most of my hard-earned ends up.

Had a great quote from Richard@Zen recently.

He asked me if this sounded like anyone I knew.

"My greatest fear is that I may die unexpectedly, and my wife will sell the good bits off my car for the price that I told her they cost me!" :hrhr:

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Hello blue is so nice likeca bit of stickevs my self just fell thats a true blue scobbie stickered to f**k i love umm loud and stickerd i like to hear before i see then just pass bye and f**k my hairs stand up x nothin i can do it just there i see stickers and sound and here life just hsd a meening x

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