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I do feel that the "it saddens me to write this" thread should have been left open, pictures and all.

Funny that its OK to make it your career to ruin a companies rep without a single thought for its 17 employees or the CRAP advice given to scoob owners new and old, also OK to post piccies of Steptoe and son, all be it funny, yet when we fight back, selfies removed, thread locked.

I aint finished yet, trust me this goes way deeper than any one knows................

Regards, Miffed !


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Nick I hear you have been un well and yes it puts it into perspective, I hope you get well soon.....

This nurse may help.


On another note "grow up" ??, if any of your jobs were at risk due to BULLSH1T rumours would you let it drop, its not just a job to me either its a life’s worth of work, no time off, permanent spinning plates and 16 other employees wages to worry about, not to mention tax, VAT, and trying to continually move forward with new products,etc.

Bet no ones clocked the "admission of guilt" post edit on S/net.?


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