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New Sponsor - The Dentmaster


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We are very pleased to announce the addition of a new sponsor to the site

The Dentmaster

Another great addition to the site

Paintless dent removal for your cars

Website address is


email info@thedentmasterderby.co.uk

Tel 07976 321789

Martyn will come down to the monthly meets to carry out work should it be needed. You can also contact him on the above.

I will confirm prices, but Martyn did indicate that it would be £45/panel ( I hope I have that right, so don't hold me to it !!) with a possible group discount should enough people want dents removing at the monthly meet (Again I will confirm)

Their sponsor section is set up and I am sure they will be along shortly to introduce themselves and their company

Please welcome them along to the site


Admin Team

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Should come in useful the next time Stell backs her car into the neighbours house and then claims she "didn't see it".

Please note the absence of a smiley faced emoticon at the end of the above sentence.

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